Your Businness needs can be best catered by Tailor-made chatbots

We have best domain experts to provide the balance of work.

Great match for your company

From fully prepared-in-a-few-clicks to revolutionary technology chatbots, there are several tools on the market. We assume that every business has distinct requirements, specific priorities that never match well with one particular solution. Thus we believe that there are variety of needs as per suited by different organizations, also we have this perception that there are unique and different goals which never require one solution to fit for all.

This is why we build solutions unique to the business. You may not have to suffer with AI or recruit super qualified technical staff. We are on here for you to create chatbots a breeze.

Leave it to our trusted professionals

Knowledge and great effort are required to build chatbots. It's a multiple disciplines research, not just in tech jobs. All these include separate competency in scheduling, dialogue stream design , content writing, AI education and testing, servicing, implementation etc.

Software developers, online chat experts, involves encoding, media affairs and advertisement specialists are part of the Botmaster team. Each participant has a passion to provide the organisation with the ultimate plan.

24/7 Fast & Continuous Support

We got your back! We're with you whenever you need us.

We create what you imagine

No wonder in which sector you work. We guarantee you, from the scratch, a fully personalised solution.

Assistive Collaboration

You shouldn't need staff to be allocated. From day one to complete launch, we are with you.

The prospects are infinite

By linking your company facilities, we will enhance your chatbot such that you render your clients feel more honest.

We are Certified Expert in Market Leader Products

We have the flexibility to integrate with different providers according to your requirements. We always make sure you get the best value.

We will help you beat the greatest challenges

Our software tools can help you boost leads to further sales, and a client can be directed by the chat bot for immediate assistance and will have an immediate response to their queries.

You can concentrate on producing lead

It is a matter of fact that communication modes are outperformed by chatbots. Replace your dull formats with a chatbot so that the amount and consistency of your results on automatic pilot can be increased quickly.

By improving data regarding your targets, you can also re-target and cultivate follows. Your key metrics will ultimately be improved by a smart chatbot.

Instant response let you do More Sales

If you have an e-commerce website, chatbots are the key to get the maximum from your hard-earned traffic. You run ads, marketing campaigns, catchy promotions to attract people. Why not set up a 24/7 dedicated agent that converts these visitors into paying customers and boost your revenue?

For any action Instant Support

Do you want to increase your customer satisfaction rates but don’t have enough staff to take care of every customer? Chatbots are here! Set up once and sit back. The best customer support experience will be sustained continuously. AI helps you to gain happy customers and create engagement.

Dont engege potential customer in Easy FAQ

If nobody cares your FAQ pages and you are tired of delivering the same answers over and over again, you have a savior now. Thanks to AI, a trained chatbot can extract meaning from questions and reply with the best answer. Without unnecessary workload, you can focus on more important tasks like business growth.

Utilizing AI at AIPPETIZER Begin shaping your company

In your advertisements and promotions, and also in your daily communication with clients and consumers, Chatbot serves to create your brand fully interactive and engaging.

Connect and converse with consumers where they already are

A single place to connect all your conversational channels.