Why Matchrimonial?

Matchrimonial.com is a unique website for single muslims all over the world that will use cutting edge technology and adhere to strict sunnah way of finding a match. We encourage parents and guardians to get involved, so they have full visibility and can help their loved ones find a suitable match. This is not a dating site and is meant for serious Muslims looking to find match purely based on the rules of shariah.

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Marriage in Islam is a blessed act. The Quran beautifully describes the relationship of spouses to each other in Surah Baqarah "they are apparel for you, and you are apparel for them" (Surah Al-Baqara 2:187).

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We are open to all ideas that will help make the user experience useful and seamless in terms of functionality. Please let us know what is on your mind and what you would like to see in this unique match finding site for Muslims. We value the feedback of our customers and believe that we can continuously make improvements using their ideas.