listen to Quran recitation and translation in Arabic, English and Urdu
Web client is available for ease of use. its completly installation free,
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New Quran Explorer Web App
Compatible with all new tablets and smartphones with advance login and tracking feature.
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Salah Explorer

Detect localize Salah time
5 - 30 days Salah time calendar
Quibla direction as per selected location
Month calendar both Islamic and Georgian
Major islamic events
Salah timings for Hanfi & Shafi
Custom location settings
Automatically updates when connected


iPhone / iPad App

Simple to use with high quality audio. your favorite Quran reading application is now available for iPhone and iPad devices with lots of new features.

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Quran Desktop

Listen to Quran recitation and translation in Arabic, English and Urdu. This application is available in both online and ofline modes

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Dua App

4 popular dua book digitized and searchable containing 1031 Duas / Suplications for daily use or special circumstances. Designed to be optimized for Tablets, Smart Phones and Desktop based browser.

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Quran Interactive

loean and read Holy Quran with online teachers, the best way to learn Quran online.

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Hadith Explorer

18,000+ Hadith from Bukhari, Muslim, Malik and Dawud searchable and organized in easy to view chapters.

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Orlando Jama Masjid Expansion

Be part of the Jama Masjid expension project by joining hands with the quran explorer team
to build a state of the art Masjid and community center rifht here in the heart of Orlando
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Our Services

Our vision at is to make the learning of Islam and Quran easy and convenient for people around the world. We therefore use cutting edge innovation in all our Islamic products and services. Our product apps available on latest devices/platforms is a testimony that we believe in offering the most up-to-date Islamic services and helping you learn about Islam and Quran quickly and easily.

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At our focused and disciplined team gives you innovative Islamic products all year round by staying on top of technology advancements and offering you ease of use, complete originality, and continuous development in the form of clear, crisp and easily understandable Arabic inscriptions. We give you the true message of Islam, allowing converts as well as Muslims to learn more about the Islamic Faith.

Quran Explorer other Services for the
Muslim Ummah

We offer the following additional Services for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah who are eager to learn and grow in Islam.

Dua Services

Dua Explorer is fundamental place for Muslims to recite, remember & bookmark important day to day Islamic Duas. It is designed to enhance user experiences with an overall ease of usability.

Matrimonial Services

Nikah Explorer, helps single Muslims find their perfect match in a completely Shariah Compliant manner. It is the most user-friendly & safe matrimonial service, designed by Muslims; for Muslims.

Salah Services

Our Salah Reminder website, Salah Explorer, is the state-of-the-art website for Muslims to remember & keep a track of their prayer timings and qibla directions based on their locations.

Live Quran Tutoring

Services: Our online Islamic Education Foundation, Quran Interactive, provides you with one-on-one online Quran classes through listening, recitation and translation services.

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What is Quran?

Ayah of Quran

“And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?”
Surah Al-Qamar (54:17)

Ayah of Quran

“We sent down the Quran in truth, and in truth has it descended: And we sent thee but to give glad tidings and to warn (mankind).”
Surah Al-Isra (17:105)

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said

"Whoever reads Qur'an and learns it by heart, and regards what it makes lawful as lawful and its unlawful as forbidden, will be admitted into Paradise by Almighty Allah Who will also accept his intercession in respect of 10 such persons of his family who shall have been doomed to Hell."
(Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said

“The best of those amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and then teaches it to others.”
(Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)