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About NoRiba


NoRiba Investing

Version 1.3

Noriba Investing is the smart, simple way to invest Halal. Through our App discover which stocks, mutual funds and ETFs are Halal Investment

What is Halal Investing?

Halal Investing is the practice of investing money in a manner that meets the tenets of Islamic finance. A Halal Investment would therefore not only avoid industries such as alcohol, pornography, gaming and tobacco, but also industries and businesses which derive their profits primarily from interest or usury such as conventional lending institutions.

What’s the Difference?

Halal Investing is considered an alternative approach to conventional methods and is based on the time-tested principles of Islamic Finance.
According to Halal Investing principles, conventional financial systems are unsustainable because the use of money as a commodity in and of itself results in an imbalance of wealth at the expense of society and borrowers.

Industry Screens

From an industry perspective, a company is deemed compliant if the total sum of non-permissible income derived from the following is less than 5 % of their total revenue

Financial Screens

The second step of the screening process examines whether a company is primarily profiting from interest or usury, or if the business has taken on a large amount of interest-based debt. Specifically, companies will fail Halal parameters if any of the following conditions exist

Islamic Scholar Board

Our Islamic Scholar Board, headed by renowned Harvard Islamic Finance expert Shaikh Taha Abdul-Basser of StraightWay Ethical Advisory, oversees the process through which securities are screened through the NoribaTrader trading platform. for further details please visit